Diary of a yogini part 6: Chels Perkins journey through 200HR Teacher Training

A few weeks have passed since my last update and what a few weeks it has been!

I attended our 6th module “Yin, Restorative & Yoga Therapy”, another nourishing weekend that filled my cup.

We dug deep and determined the difference between a Yin and Restorative practice and key things to keep in mind when planning these sessions. This I found particularly useful as I have always enjoyed a Yin practice but thought a restorative practice to be not as valuable as say a Yin or Vinyasa. Now knowing the many physical and mental benefits of this practice I see it as not only a beneficial practice, but one that I will be incorporating in to my yoga routine.

During the module we covered off different postures and with the use of chairs and a wall we were able to clearly see, that if you can breathe, you CAN do yoga! I have even created a ten-minute mid-afternoon yoga routine which I do at work in my chair to release and reset me for my afternoon. Talk about multi-tasking and making yoga possible anywhere.

I didn’t have any prior knowledge in Yoga Therapy or its benefits, but was curious as to what this was, what it’s benefits are and how I can incorporate this into my teaching?

We went through a series of postures/movements and discussed what to look for throughout these to determine restrictions, stiffness, imbalances etc.…

As part of our homework we were to work with an individual whom we felt would benefit from Yoga Therapy. A friend of mine came to mind whom I know had experienced a serious car accident a few years ago. The ongoing effects due to the accident were both physical and emotional and I just knew without a doubt she would get something out of it. A little hesitant to approach her at first as I was unsure what she would think, I put all hesitations to the side and approached her knowing that this would make a difference to her physically and emotionally. Thankfully she agreed to be my guinea pig and we met up to discuss what she would like to get out of the programme. After much discussion we determined her top three priorities for the programme. I went away and devised a programme specific to her goals. I created a programme incorporating postures to aid in hip release, lengthening of the hamstrings, opening of the chest/shoulders and choosing movements that will reinstall balance in the body. I also gave her a Pranayama and Meditation to do within her practice to aid in the clearing of the mind and provide a better night’s sleep.

After finalising the programme and creating a practice playlist for her, we met up to discuss the programme and I led her through what would become her daily morning practice. I am so excited to meet up with her in a couple of weeks to discuss the impact of the programme and what differences it has made to her.

I now have two permanent classes that I teach. Every Wednesday morning and Thursday evening I get to share the gift of yoga. With a variety of different ages and levels in every class, I welcome the challenge to deliver and offer a practice that is accessible to every individual in the room. My goal as a teacher is to deliver a safe, nourishing, fun and sustainable practice. I want every participant to feel freedom and permission in my classes. Yoga is such a personal and individual journey and if I am able to nurture and facilitate you on your journey in some way, it is truly my honour!

With just a few weeks to go before we all officially graduate as qualified 200-hour yoga teachers, I am beyond excited for this next chapter of mine ahead! I have a Facebook page and brand I am in the process of creating and a vision for where I would like these new found skills to take me. Most of all I want to share this wonderful passion I have for yoga with as many people, knowing now that I have finally found what I am meant to teach!

Namaste xoxox