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Jaya class styles

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This Hatha-based practice will contain a series of intelligently sequenced movements beautifully linked to the ease and flow of the breath, with a meticulous attention to safety and energetic alignment. We will endeavor to move the spine in all directions, open up breath and energy pathways in the body, and release blockage and physical tension. This practice is a functional compliment to the other activities of your daily life, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and deeply connection to your whole self.


This deeply nourishing practice is based on the combined principles of Hatha Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With only a handful of postures to focus on, we will spend elongated periods of time in each shape, allowing the body time, breath and support to yield into softness. We will focus on melting away tension in our muscular tissues, as well as removing blockage from our energetic pathways. This practice is the perfect compliment to our more active lifestyles, helping to restore our yin/yang balance.


This end of the day wind-down practice is profoundly healing on all levels. A combination of deep yin, fully propped restorative, and yoga therapeutics, we will travel you into the depths of your parasympathetic nervous system, where you can nourish all of your body’s systems, and refill your energetic bucket. Treat this practice like your most self-indulgent experience of quality ‘me’ time.


This practice, based on the methodology of Joseph Pilates, harnesses the functional strength of the core. Contrary to popular belief the core, or ‘powerhouse’ as sometimes referred, covers the area from the breastbone to the knees, in full circumference! The class will focus on stabilization of this area by way of the breath, leverage, and prop support. In addition, we will endeavor to create length and tone through the body as we combined stretch and stability into a beautiful marriage.


This practice blends together the methodology’s of JAYA Yoga and Pilates to facilitate a way of moving the body that provides functional strength, agility and grace. We will explore using core-activated movements to display how all movement initiates from the center of the body, in an effort to radiate energy out in all directions! Plenty of strength and strengthening on the menu, combined to balance these polarities and support the well oiled machine that is our health functioning body.


This 1-hour Jaya practice fits neatly into your day when time is of the essence. Still containing all of the benefits of the Jaya practices, with plenty of time to move, move and connect to stillness. This practice will allow you to step back into the rest of your day feeling energized, focused, and truly blissed out!


This 50 MINUTE EXPRESS morning practice is a great opportunity to physically, mentally and energetically set yourself up for your day. We will shake off sleepiness as we move the body in all directions, with a focus on expanding our own natural energy resource, our breath. As the practice progresses, our mental focus will continue to sharpen, preparing us to function at our highest potential on all levels throughout our day.


This practice is led be Jayayoga’s pool of blossoming yoga teachers. Supervised by our team of Senior Instructors, our new and upcoming teachers will lead you through a safe, sustainable yoga practice that encompasses simple, intelligent movement, breath and meditation, and relaxation.  **The cost for this class is $10**



* All Jayayoga classes are open level, and require no previous yoga experience to attend.

** Private One-on-One sessions available - please enquire at the studio or visit the SOUL SUPPORT menu of this website