SOUL SUPPORT by JENNIFER ALLEN is comprised of ‘Uniquely Designed, Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing and Lifestyle Solutions.’ See below for details on your very own, personalized Lifestyle Package to help you on your way to having your BEST YEAR YET!


Do You Feel ANY of the Following on a Regular Basis?

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Stress/Overwork/Overstimulation

  • Fatigue/Insomnia

  • Lack of Home/Work Boundaries

  • Out of Balance in Hormonal, Digestive, or Energy Systems

  • Irregular Periods/Infertility/Pre-Postnatal Anomalies/Menopausal Symptoms

  • Chronic Exhaustion/Constant State of Rushing

  • Athletic Performance Anomalies/ Body Injuries

  • Going Through Cancer Therapy/Treatment

Would You like to improve your OVERALL State of Being? Live More Fully? Take Control of Your Time, Energy and Experiences?

Let JENNIFER ALLEN help you to bring out your BEST SELF AGAIN, no matter what you are experiencing in your life! Support your ENTIRE self by unraveling old patterns, letting go of stuck energy, releasing the past, trusting the present and harnessing the power of your future! We will combine the ancient practices of Yoga, Breathwork,Mindfulness, Reiki and Energy Healing with modern-day principles of Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coaching, to polish all of the layers of your being and allow your soul to shine!


  • LIFE TRANSFORMATION ($299)- This 3-Part Series allows us to dive deeply into your entire state of being, looking at the 3 Pillars of the Self: Body, Mind, and Soul. We will create a thorough lifestyle program for each of these pillars that will allow you to step back into your world fully equipped and empowered to begin to vibrate from your highest potential. 3 sessions included, each with their own take-home support program.

  • LIFESTYLE EXPRESS ($110)- This thorough Single-Session experience will allow us to look into your overall state of being on a daily basis, and help us to create a scope of improvement on the focused areas that are in need of attention. Whether it be to support the body through nutrition and exercise, support the mind through meditation, or support your lifestyle my mapping out your values and boundaries, this program is for YOU. You will leave with a program of take-home tools that will help to create a more balanced state of being, and improve your quality of daily life.

  • SOUL FOCUS ($80)- This ‘quick fix’ 45 minute session will allows us to zone in on 1 particular area of your life, whether it be managing a particular issue with your body, starting a meditation practice from scratch, or empowering you with some back pocket tools for managing the ins and outs of your day in a more holistic way. You will leave feeling empowered to ‘stop, drop, and support’ through self-empowered, take-home tools.