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A whole-istic style of yoga accessible to all

Jennifer Allen teaches her trainee teachers how to provide a whole-istic style of yoga accessible to all. Jayayoga honours tradition while accounting for what movement, breathing and lifestyle looks like in the modern world - how can our yoga practice serve us, make our days better, make our lives better. Learning how to teach students to truly connect to their own practice, to feel, to be, to LIVE every moment they spend on their mat - that is where this teacher training stands out.

Jen genuinely wants each person to have a positive, nourishing experience in their own body each time they practice, and teaches her trainees how give that. I feel so grateful to be taught by Jen, she knows how to let each of her teacher students realize their own potential, and pursue their own path with her support and light guiding the way. I really appreciate her extensive knowledge of anatomy, experience of teaching yoga, and training yoga teachers - she has such a large pool to draw from, and yet remains humble and willing to learn - the sign of a true guru.

There were many profound moments for me throughout the course - signing up for the training you think you are going to come out with some knowledge and a certificate, but its so much more than that; when you are done all you want to do is go out and share the gift that is Jayayoga.

Thank you Jayayoga - what an amazing process.

CARLY FLYNN - 200RYT Graduate

Life changing and Life affirming

Jayayoga’s 200HR teacher training appealed to me because I was able to fit it in around my work life and family.  I also knew and adored Jennifer Allen both as a teacher and a friend. I thought going into training that this would be a course to help my physical body, but it was so much more. I grew as a person, made life-long friends, and now cherish the deeper understanding it has given me of my body, my spirit and others around me.

The training challenged me to think, move and connect with myself in ways I never had before, in a safe, and non-judging environment.

I cannot recommend this course more highly. If you’re looking for a way to deepen your own practice, or indeed step onto the mat and teach yourself, Jayayoga is the perfect place to do it.

SIMONE PRICE - 200RYT Graduate

A journey to the centre of myself and back

If someone would have told me 2 years ago, I would be teaching yoga now I would not have believed them.  Going to a yoga class one day, it was suggested to me to attend an RYT200 Teacher Training Course run by Jennifer Allen at Jayayoga.  Being quite shy and introverted, I was hesitant but something in me kept nudging me to give it a go.

Instantly I felt at ease with Jen and Nikki and their naturally warm and caring personalities.  Hearing Jen talk about her passion for safe sustainable yoga was inspiring.  The course took me on a journey to the centre of myself and back and by the end of it, I found my voice.  Not only did I learn so much about yoga but I also learned to respect my body as a woman.  I met an amazing group of women who I know I will be friends with for life.

The RYT200 course for me was life changing and I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone who would like to deepen their knowledge of yoga, aspiring yoga teachers or if you are just looking for personal growth.  For me it became the start of a new and exciting life path journey.

LEISEN JOBE - 200RYT Graduate

Safe, sustainable and for everyone

Where do I start? Jennifer Allen is such a beautiful person and this shines through in her yoga.  She is one of the friendliest, kind and loving human beings you could meet who always has a smile and hug to give her fellow yogis.

Jen's classes are safe and sustainable and for everyone.  She has the wonderful gift of being able to adapt and change to work with her student's challenges and injuries.  Whenever I finish one of Jens Yin or Vinyasa classes I always leave feeling on cloud 9 and wanting more. I have personally loved learning from Jen in her RYT200 Teacher Training Course and signed up again for the 300 hour course. Jen brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, grace and a unique ability to bring people together and make everyone feel special.

Her sense of humor and professionalism combined make her teacher training courses and classes amazing.  Signing up to her teacher training course with no prior meeting or experience of her yoga was definitely meant to be. The course beat all my expectations and has been one of the best choices I have ever made.  I can’t thank Jen enough for her ongoing guidance, help and support through my own yoga and life journey.


Everything I hoped for and more

I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to attend the 200 HR Jayayoga Training with Jennifer Allen. It was everything I hoped for and more. 

The modules fitted in so well with my work and family life and the space between each block gave me time to think and process what we had covered. I don't think I would have learned half as much with a condensed course or had the chance to cement in my own personal self practice. Something I had been trying to do for quite a while. 

The course challenged me, in a good way. I always felt supported by Jen and class mates as the dynamic of the group was very caring and nurturing. This was led by Jen. I  am certain any course she facilitates would be the same.  I loved that there was an openness about what yoga is and who yoga is for. We were taught much more than asana touching on philosophy of yoga and spiritual aspects of the practice. I feel I have come away with a strong foundation of yoga practices to teach, grow and build on.  It is not the kind of course you are churned out from. There is support and opportunities for teaching experience after the course. 

I would encourage anyone considering a yoga teacher training course whether for their own personal growth or to begin a yoga teaching career to do go with Jayayoga. It was an amazing life changing experience.


Inspired by all that I have learnt

Jennifer Allen’s welcoming and friendly manner is warmly received by all of her yoga students. She actively encourages and reminds us all to make personal choices in terms of the shape of the asana we are in and the props we decide to use. Prior to attending Jen’s classes I had no idea that I was allowed to have a choice, it was and still is very reassuring to me.

As a teacher of yoga trainees, Jen brings a wealth of knowledge to her students. She has a lifetime of experience of movement of her own body and has a personal interest in anatomy, enabling a safe and sustainable yoga practice. Jen’s trainee resources are very comprehensive with step by step suggestions on moving into and out of each asana safely as well as a thorough education on the history, philosophy of yoga and Patanjali’s 8 limbs. The learning environment is safe, interesting and light-hearted. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and add to the richness of the group.

I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon Jen as a yoga teacher and very inspired by all that I have learnt with Jayayoga.  So inspired … that I have signed up for the 300 RYT course.  I offer a very high recommendation for both the Jayayoga studio and Jen’s teacher training courses.


Beautifully weaving the yoga into the students life off the mat

I cannot speak highly enough about the Jayayoga 200HR Teacher Training experience. I had been shopping around for teacher trainings for about 5 years, and none of them seemed to quite fit what I was looking for. I finally found the Jayayoga course outline on Jennifer's website and I knew it was something I needed to be a part of. I had taken Jen's Yin classes and never knew she led a training course, so when I found it, I was immediately on board!  

Jen has an incredible way of connecting with her students - beautifully weaving the yoga course with the students' real lives and authentically teaching the students how to 'live their yoga off the mat.'  She is not only an incredibly talented and knowledgeable teacher, but she also is a beautiful human being.  She cares deeply about the safety and success of her future teachers and I feel honoured to have been a part of her 2016 course.

YE'ELA EDWY - 200RYT Graduate

The opportunity to journey into your authentic space

As you step down into to the studio you are immediately taken over by the feeling of warmth, calm and belonging. Much like the space, such is the Jayayoga practice. Jen asks of you to only ever be your most authentic self, no more and no less.

The teacher training was the best gift I could have ever given to myself as part of finding my inner-most truth and direction. It is not an easy process, to take a step back and re-assess who you are both on and off your mat and how those two relate. It's a process that needs the outmost patience, nourishment and care. Jen supports you through all of that, gives you the space to realise your inner voice and intuition and steps closer with the gift of gentle adjustments when needed.

I believe that your yoga is a direct reflection of your inner world. When Jen steps onto the mat and takes you through a flow, she takes you on a journey, both powerful and gentle at the same time. Hers is a beautiful, authentic world and if you find yourself stepping into it during your life and yoga path, you're in for a a life-changing treat.



 A transformational experience

It wasn't until I met Jen that I discovered a deep and genuine love for yoga; and not just any old yoga, but the yummy, delicious kind that is the essence of Jayayoga. Not only was I inspired to change my approach to my practice, but also to begin my journey toward becoming a yoga teacher and for me, there was no other option but to train with Jen at Jayayoga.

As soon as walked into the studio on that very first 200-hr training weekend, I felt at home and had the feeling that I was about to embark on something truly special. Seven months later, I felt comfortable and grounded in my own practice, more whole as a person and completely inspired to share my newfound knowledge of yoga, Jaya-style: safety first, accessible to any and EVERY-body and sustainable over a lifetime. The course is beautifully crafted to encompass a range of content, from yogic philosophy to the anatomy and physiology of yoga and everything inbetween, and the programme is delivered with passion and integrity by Jen and her team. The post-course mentoring package is robust and offers newly graduated teachers a platform to begin their teaching careers in a safe and supported environment, teaching community classes at the studio.

Training with Jayayoga was a transformational experience: I discovered so much about myself as a person and as a yogi that is now really difficult to remember what life and yoga was like, pre-training. So the very first thing I did after graduation was to sign up for Jayayoga's 300-hr training, of course!