How I Make it Work: Yoga Teacher Jennifer Allen

Baltimore native Jennifer Allen is a former musical theatre performer who married a Kiwi and now runs Jayayoga, a studio in Birkenhead renowned for its yoga teacher training. She is currently writing her first book, Sustainable Yoga. The mum of two shares how she maintains her equilibrium.

“My yoga practice is one of the most integral parts of my personal wellbeing. Regular trips to my mat, even 10 minutes to top myself up, are my salvation. I have liberated myself from the need to associate my yoga practice with any form of exercise. I save that for walking my pug, George, around the neighbourhood or doing Pilates.

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Jayayoga: How to use yoga as a life-long tool for self care


Check out Jayayoga's latest interview with Kara-Leah Grant from Yoga Lunchbox on Sustainable Yoga and how to Use Yoga as a Life-Long Tool for Self-Care

I spoke to Jennifer Allen of Jayayoga last year in a video interview about her yoga teacher trainings. Jayayoga’s mantra is ‘safe, sustainable yoga’ and is built on Jennifer’s 15 years of  personal development, yoga teaching, and teacher training. Her focus is on understanding of the way our bodies respond to yoga, not just on a physical level, but on all levels – mentally, emotionally, energetically, and systematically.

The movement-based practice (asana) is a combination of gentle flow yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga therapy, all executed with meticulous attention to safety, energetic alignment, and the functional biomechanics of the body. Jennifer is adamant that Jayayoga stays accessible to everyone… if you can breathe, than you can do this yoga.

Rather than focus on teaching postures, her focus is on teaching students to understand how to apply yoga to their own lives and bodies, in a sustainable manner. And that means it’s all about self-care and sustainability, yoga-style....

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Yoga Lunchbox Interview with Kara-Leah Grant


Meet Jennifer Allen, a former professional dancer and musical theatre performer, who has been practicing yoga since 1995. Jennifer is now the senior facilitator at Jayayoga where she teaches safe and sustainable yoga classes and teacher trainings. In 2016 Jennifer will be teaching 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings.