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Have you ever wondered what your yoga teacher means when they tell you to take your yoga ‘off your mat and into your world?

Besides the blissed out feelings that you carry off of your mat post-practice, there is also opportunity to carry the tools of our yoga into our life, our decision making, and our relationships with our selves, others, and the universe. Join Jennifer Allen as she takes you ‘Beyond the Asana’ where we begin to explore the Yamas and the Niyamas, a Yogi’s Guidebook to Life!

See how ancient tradition meets modern day self-exploration, and how the wise,
forward-thinking yogis of the past unfolded a path that is relevant, accessible,
and necessary for living out the best of every day.

No previous experience necessary, hope to see you ‘off the mat!’

COST: NZD$35.00

Earlier Event: September 22
Later Event: November 3