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The journey of pregnancy and childbirth can be one of the most unique and special times in a woman’s life, and yoga has the power to deeply connect us to our body and our baby during this time.

Yoga is a safe and effective way to move and maintain pliability and strength in our
ever-changing body. We focus on keeping Mummy’s body strong and injury free as she carries her growing baby, as well as prepare her for the rigors of labour, childbirth, and
postnatal healing. We prioritize use of the breath, meditation and visualization to then become the valuable tools to keep Mummy calm, centered and focused during her birth experience, and into the roller-coaster of new motherhood.

This class series can be started at any point during pregnancy, and most pregnancy-related conditions can be easily and safely managed in this class setting.

November 25 will be a ‘bring your partner’ birth preparation class.

A free 30 minute essential oils wellness consultation with Nikki Goldsworthy for pregnancy, birth and baby is part of this course. You can book your session directly with Nikki by getting in touch on 021 142 6075 or via email

DATES October 14, 21, 28, November 11, 18, 25 from 11-12pm

COST NZD$125.00 for 6 weeks

Earlier Event: September 22
Later Event: October 17