Jayayoga: A Year in Review

I cannot believe that I am sitting here in my studio office writing this piece, as I reflect on the past year…where we were to where we are now. So much has happened, and so much to be grateful for! Lately I have been receiving daily photo reminders (thanks to Facebook!) of where we were this time last year…painting ceilings, building furniture, and racing around putting our final finishing touches on our space so that we were ready to open the doors.

Opening the doors to Jayayoga Studio was symbolic of so many things for me. After years of working out of other studios and spaces, it meant that Jayayoga NZ finally had a home. What began as ‘have yoga, will travel’ consisting of 20 branded orange bolsters and an armful of training manuals has now transformed into 135 square meters of nourishing energy, chocka full of props, tea and overflowing buckets of love. Every time I step into this space, I can feel myself ground. Even when we were in full fit-out mode and the space was covered in sawdust and hot pink paint (not sure what the previous tenants were thinking!) it still had prana. There was an energy here that I could feel from the first moment I walked in the door, a sense of arriving, of landing in a space that was prepared to hold me, my teachers, my students, and all that we brought to our mats.

Something truly beautiful has happened this year as I continually watch the doors to the studio swing open at class time. It took all of us a bit by surprise actually, the whole teaching staff. Of course, now that I look back on it I see without a shadow of a doubt that the universe provided us with exactly who and what we were meant to receive. Our message of ‘Safe, Sustainable Yoga’ reached a community of people that were ready for it! Ready for something different, not your average fitness-based yoga asana class. Every one of our students has come through the door with a story, a journey that has guided them to us for some unique and special purpose, as if we were the next stop on their lifelong quest toward realization of our own divine truth. Breath work, meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, crystals, oils, angel cards, the whole gamut of offerings on the table, all of which have been received with such gratitude from our amazing yogis. We are so very grateful to each and every one of you who has stepped on to your mat at Jaya for trusting us with your precious divine energies, and allowing us to nurture them in all of the ways that we can.

I must also offer a very special word of gratitude to those who have continued throughout the year to support our weekend Community Class program. As many of you may know, the other side of Jaya is the school of teacher training that provides the opportunity for yogis to study and train under the methodology of ‘Safe, Sustainable Yoga.’ We have trained now over 70 teachers under the umbrella of Jayayoga, including the specialized staff of Senior Instructors that teach on the schedule throughout the week. Many of you may have noticed that our weekend timetable is quite light, with only 2 classes on the schedule. This is so that the studio space can be wide open most weekends to delicately transform our dedicated yogis and yoginis into the future of yoga teaching, so that by the end of their 7 or 10 month journey they are ready to sprinkle the messages of ‘safe, sustainable yoga’ into their own communities. Our Community Class program gives these yogis an opportunity during their training and in the early days of their post-graduate work to dip their toes into the teaching environment, under the supervision of a Senior Teacher. We participate in the class and then offer them feedback to continue to guide them on their path of learning. These $10 classes have been absolutely invaluable to our blossoming teachers, and again we are so grateful to those of you who continue to offer your support to these new yoga teachers.

As I look ahead into our future I see a wealth of exciting ventures ahead as our Jaya family continues to grow and flourish. We are only now 6 weeks away from our first official Jayayoga Studio field trip, where we will pack up our mats and head out to Mana Retreat Center for our ‘Spring Awakening Women’s Retreat.’ I cannot wait to nourish these amazing women through 3 days of absolute bliss, and send them home with a toolbox full of practices to implement directly into their day to day, as women, wives, mothers, partners, friends and coworkers, in all of the realms that we present ourselves as women, as goddesses, to our communities. Ladies…I have only a few spaces left, so it’s not too late to solidify your space!

We have also officially announced our 2018 200-Hour and 300-Hour Teacher Training dates! If you have ever thought of deepening your own experience of yoga as a practice, or pondered sharing the beautiful healing modalities of yoga with others, this course is for you! All courses are a monthly part-time commitment, and payment plans are available. I would love to train with you in 2018!

In addition to the retreat and training schedule, we will continue to serve our yoga community with a varietal timetable of classes and workshops to help guide you along your journey, so please do tell us if there is an area of study that is of particular interest to you, or a class time that you would like to see on the timetable. As the holidays fast approach we will look forward to spreading the messages of loving kindness and good cheer with you. Keep your eye out in the studio for our 2 very popular holiday events, ‘The 12 Days of Yoga’ and our 2nd Annual ‘Holiday Night Market.’

On behalf of the Jayayoga Studio Staff I know that I speak for all of us when I say Thank You, again, from the bottom of our hearts for your support as we spread our message of ‘Safe, Sustainable Yoga.’ We hope that we have played even a small role in helping to facilitate a platform for your experience of self-care, self-love, self-acceptance, self-nourishment, and self-healing.


Jennifer Allen


Jayayoga: How to Use Yoga as a Life-Long Tool for Self-Care

Check out Jayayoga's latest interview with Kara-Leah Grant from Yoga Lunchbox on Sustainable Yoga and how to Use Yoga as a Life-Long Tool for Self-Care

" I spoke to Jennifer Allen of Jayayoga last year in a video interview about her yoga teacher trainings. Jayayoga’s mantra is ‘safe, sustainable yoga’ and is built on Jennifer’s 15 years of  personal development, yoga teaching, and teacher training. Her focus is on understanding of the way our bodies respond to yoga, not just on a physical level, but on all levels – mentally, emotionally, energetically, and systematically.

The movement-based practice (asana) is a combination of gentle flow yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga therapy, all executed with meticulous attention to safety, energetic alignment, and the functional biomechanics of the body. Jennifer is adamant that Jayayoga stays accessible to everyone… if you can breathe, than you can do this yoga.

Rather than focus on teaching postures, her focus is on teaching students to understand how to apply yoga to their own lives and bodies, in a sustainable manner. And that means it’s all about self-care and sustainability, yoga-style....

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