Keeping the Simplicity of the Holidays Alive

We had such a wonderful evening last Friday Night at JAYA Studio with our 3rd Annual Holiday Night Market! The studio was all abuzz with festive cheer and yogi energy as our community had the opportunity to take a peek at some beautifully crafted and sustainably made products for gift (or self!) purchase, items that were chocka full of love and prana from their devoted creators.

This year I have a 9-year old non-believer and a 5-year old who thinks that Ellie, our ‘Elf on the Shelf’ really does get up to mischief in the night! My husband and I, after many conversations and promises every year to do so, have decided that THIS is the year that we simplify, that we try to reel in the Holiday Season back to its core intentions…Family, Community, and Gratitude.

Already we are finding this such a challenge in the face of commercialism! We cannot even set foot inside the shopping ball without being absolutely bombarded by brightly colored displays of ‘must haves,’ strategically placed at eye-level of the young and impressionable. I have decided that seemingly the only way to avoid this altogether is to literally not set foot into the mall from Nov.1-Jan.1. OR…perhaps we use this experience as a tool to teach our children (and ourselves) a valuable life lesson on one of our Yogic principles, Bramacharya, or Moderation.

It is very hard to teach children moderation, but I am a very determined parent who refuses to give up, whether it comes to amounts of sugar, screen time, or legos. Moderation in ALL things can literally set us up for life. In the Bhagavad Gita, it states that ‘the yogi is one who never sleeps too much or too little, eats too much or too little’…hmm, some of these may still be a work in progress! That’s ok, because we have a lifetime to put these into practice. And what a wonderful gift to give our tiny humans this year, the gift of understanding moderation, and how to practice self-control, gratitude for taking and having only what we need, and detachment from the need to hoard endless amounts of material possessions.

In a book my husband is reading at the moment, it states that only 1% of bought Christmas prezzies are still in use after 6 months…WOW! So, time to get creative? How about a homemade gift this year, made by you are someone in your community that you can support? How about a handwritten card, with the offer of an act of service that can be ‘cashed in’ (massage, houseclean, home-cooked meal?) How about giving the gift of TIME with someone, company, a cuppa tea, a lending ear? YES I know, it’s hard to walk through the mall with blinders on, and I see nothing wrong with a few simple gestures to show someone that you care, but we also have the opportunity to think outside the box…literally!

I hope that you will join me in the movement to restore the beauty, the simplicity, and the love the illuminates the Holiday Season…much love to you and yours : )