September Jayayoga Studio News from Jennifer Allen

As we approach the end of our third week since the opening of Jayayoga Studio, I can honestly say that I am beaming with pride, excitement, and a deep sense of contentment at what we have manifested in this community. Being fellow Birkenhead locals ourselves, my family and I have already reaped the sweet reward of connecting to our neighborhood vibe, and are now getting the opportunity to step back and watch as we stamp our imprint onto the streets of Birkenhead Village. I can’t decide whether it is the glistening views out of our windows during a sunny morning practice, or the stunning glow of candlelight in an evening meditation that mesmerize me more, but undoubtedly the space itself has beauty, charm, and a grounded energy that truly makes it feel like home. After nearly 2 years of Jayayoga functioning out of alternative yoga spaces, I can honestly say ‘There is no place like home.’

Our timetable of classes is varied enough to suit the needs of yogis from all walks of life, whether it be the busy executive, uni student, stay at home parent, or retiree, there is a time and a style that will work for you. All of our classes are open to all levels and capabilities, and our experienced Jayayoga Teaching Staff are incredible, and all trained under the Jayayoga syllabus.

Jayayoga September Promotion
Jayayoga Fundraiser Event

Jayayoga Studio is holding a fundraiser class on Sunday, September 4th at 9:30am to raise funds for New Beginnings Eco Retreat. This retreat was started by Natalie Stone (a fellow yoga teacher) and Bill Shearer (a local to the Birkenhead community) after a tragic driveway accident took the life of their 2-year old son. Now in the midst of their attempt to complete the retreat, Bill has been diagnosed with a stage 4 rare form of cancer. 100% of proceeds from this class with go directly toward helping Bill and Natalie complete New Beginnings. Please come and show your support!

Lastly, we have launched the dates for our 2017 Level 1 (200-Hour) and Level 2 (300-Hour) Teacher Trainings! Our training courses are safe and accessible, and can be used as a deepening of one’s own yoga journey, or as a platform for teaching. There are a final few spaces left on our last intake for 2016 as well, beginning September 30th. Click here to register your interest!

Hope to see you on your mat very soon!


Jayayoga Studio - Special Intro Offer

Special Intro Offer Jayayoga Studio

Jayayoga Studio offers you 7 days unlimited yoga for only $25

Come join us in our venture to create community, move and breathe together and take refuge from our busy lives in this very special space we have created.

Our booking system is now live so you can save your spot for our first week of classes starting Monday August 8th 2016!

We can't wait to see you there.

Jayayoga Studio Announcement

Jayayoga is so excited to announce that we are moving into our very own permanent home! After the last 2 years of living as a houseguest in various studios around Auckland, we have broken ground on Jayayoga Studio and Teacher Training Center, located in Birkenhead.

Jayayoga’s brand mantra, ‘Safe, Sustainable Yoga for Life’ will radiate from every corner of this urban oasis, with beautiful views of Auckland’s spectacular skyline. The studio will be home to a varied timetable of yoga classes taught exclusively by the Jayayoga Senior Facilitating Team, as well as community-based weekend classes taught by up and coming Jayayoga teachers. In addition, the center will house Jayayoga’s 200 and 300-Hour Teacher training courses, as well as workshops and other specialized training modules.

Jayayoga will be opening early August 2016, watch this space for details.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Jayayoga: How to Use Yoga as a Life-Long Tool for Self-Care

Check out Jayayoga's latest interview with Kara-Leah Grant from Yoga Lunchbox on Sustainable Yoga and how to Use Yoga as a Life-Long Tool for Self-Care

" I spoke to Jennifer Allen of Jayayoga last year in a video interview about her yoga teacher trainings. Jayayoga’s mantra is ‘safe, sustainable yoga’ and is built on Jennifer’s 15 years of  personal development, yoga teaching, and teacher training. Her focus is on understanding of the way our bodies respond to yoga, not just on a physical level, but on all levels – mentally, emotionally, energetically, and systematically.

The movement-based practice (asana) is a combination of gentle flow yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga therapy, all executed with meticulous attention to safety, energetic alignment, and the functional biomechanics of the body. Jennifer is adamant that Jayayoga stays accessible to everyone… if you can breathe, than you can do this yoga.

Rather than focus on teaching postures, her focus is on teaching students to understand how to apply yoga to their own lives and bodies, in a sustainable manner. And that means it’s all about self-care and sustainability, yoga-style....

Click the link below to read the full article


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A Cup of Daily Nourishment: Jennifer Allen's essential 15 minute practice...


I love the way Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray Love) describes the end of 2015, and the start of the year ahead. She says that each year is like the blank pages of a book, so how will your ‘story of 2015’ draw to a close, and how will you fill the pages of 2016?

I can look back on my ‘book of 2015’ with feelings of gratitude and success. And in the coming years 2015 will always hold a special place in my heart as the true birth of my dharma, in the form of Jayayoga Teacher Training.

After several years of manifestation while staying safely tucked under the wings of my mentors, Jayayoga Teacher Training took its first solo flight in May 2015, with 20 willing passengers onboard, in the form of beautiful and keen yoga teachers to-be. After 7 months of dedicated practice to the teachings of safe, sustainable yoga, these new wonderful teachers are now spreading their wings, as well as spreading the message of intelligent, mindful yoga practice. I could not be more proud, and radiant in my heart as I witness my passion for safe yoga being sprinkled out into the Auckland Yoga community.

I have welcomed the reward of some much needed rest and relaxation over the holiday season, which has re-inspired my own practice in so many ways! When stress levels are lower (yes, yoga teachers still get stressed!), I have witnessed first hand the balance of yin and yang, and very much enjoyed inviting some of the yang aspects of my practice back onto my mat. However, I owe a wealth of gratitude to the practice that carried me through so many long days, stressful moments, and desperate callings to my mat.

As an offering to you as you welcome this new year full of new possibilities (and new stresses!) into your life is a sequence that has saved me so many times, and given me the energy that I needed from my yoga practice without depleting me further. This practice was like an old friend, always there for me when I needed, ready to receive whatever I had to offer, even if it was very little. All it requires is 15 minutes of your time in a quiet space, a mat, a block, and a strap.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love and understand the validity in going to yoga class. There is no feeling like the shared energetic space of a yoga class environment, but for the days when a class might take more for you than you have to give, or you just cant fit it in, this simple practice will be all you need to refill your energetic bucket, and re-enter your world ready to be present in all of the aspects of your life off of your mat.

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